Why Is Bedford County, VA a Great Place to Live?

Bedford County, VA was founded in 1754. It’s rich in natural beauty. There are historic attractions, wineries, vineyards, and many unique places to stay or eat. Bedford County is retirement friendly, not just because of the attractions, but also because there are financial benefits to retiring here.

Natural Beauty

Situated in a portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Bedford County is home to the longest lakeshore in Virginia. Smith Mountain Lake features approximately 500 miles of shoreline. Public parks throughout the county offer hiking and nature trails, as well as opportunities to enjoy sports.

The Peaks of Otter is a popular destination just off the Appalachian Trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s in an area of the county that is surrounded by national park and national forest land—over 6,900 acres of parkland and 21,000 acres of forest, to be more specific.

Historic and Other Attractions

History buffs will love the historic attractions in Bedford County. Thomas Jefferson had his summer home, Poplar Forest, here. One of the larger national attractions is the National D-Day Museum. The museum was built to honor those who didn’t survive the World War II battles on D-Day.

For those who prefer art and wine to war and politics, Bedford County has something for you, too. There are vineyards, wineries, and one of the largest Artisan Trails in the state. Every year, the Johnson Orchards Horse and Hounds event draws people to a festival celebrating apples, wine, art, and horses.

Retirement Friendly

If you’re looking for a place to spend your retirement years, consider Bedford County, Virginia. A moderate climate makes this a comfortable atmosphere. There is a good public transportation system, and taxes are lower in this part of the state. Bedford County offers things to do to keep you active while extending Southern hospitality to residents and guests alike.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a change of pace or a place to retire, Bedford County, VA has a lot to offer. Whether you prefer to explore nature, learn about history, or experience the culture of wine-tastings and art shows, Bedford County has something for you.

Festivals, artisan trails, museums, and hiking in the mountains or along the lake are all good ways to spend your retirement in Bedford County. Come home to Bedford County, VA.

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