Real Estate Investment Tips

Thinking about making the leap into real estate investing? If so, you’ll need to arm yourself with information. Below, you’ll find some of the most important elements to understand.

Hard Money Lender

A hard money lender can offer much-needed liquidity when investing in residential real estate. The right hard money lender can offer bridge loans, fix and flip loans, rental loans, new construction loans, and even hard money refinance loans.

Short-Term Lease

A short-term lease is precisely what it sounds like – a lease that lasts less than a year (in most cases). Short-term leases offer flexibility for professionals who must travel for work and remain in one area for only short periods of time.

Travel Nursing Rental

A travel nursing rental is a residential rental with terms suited for travel nurses. Because travel nurses spend only a few months at a time in any one location, long-term rentals are poorly suited. Short-term travel nursing rental properties provide the flexibility necessary.

Fix and Flip

A “fix and flip” loan provides house flippers with the funding necessary to buy, repair and renovate, and market their investment properties. Traditional lenders rarely work with house flippers, but a hard money lender can provide fix and flip loans to suit varying needs.

Low Income Housing

Low-income housing offers affordable rents for those with reduced income. It can come in many forms, from apartments to single-family homes, condos, and townhomes.

Rental Vouchers

Rental vouchers provide families with much-needed financial assistance to put toward renting a home. Most rental vouchers are offered by state stage agencies through federal funding.

Section 8 Voucher

A Section 8 voucher is a rental voucher authorized under Section 8 of the US Housing Act and provides low-income families with rent assistance.

Bad Credit Rental

Credit plays a key role in the ability to rent a home. Those without good credit are often left out, but a bad credit rental usually has lenient credit score requirements.

Cash on Cash Return

A cash-on-cash return is income earned on a cash investment in a property measured annually.

Property Management

A property management firm provides critical services to property owners, including tenant screening, property maintenance, and more.

Real estate investing can help you diversify your portfolio, hedge your other investments against market fluctuations, and provide an asset that always has value. The Realty Group Team has worked with clients for many years, providing advice and guidance on finding the ideal investment properties for them. Contact Greg Bentz, our Investment Property Specialist, at 434.202.9041