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After spending 15 years working as the vice president of Lamar Outdoor Advertising, Teresa Grant resigned with the intention of semi-retiring and relocated to Virginia. While looking for a small furniture storefront, she discovered her enthusiasm for the real estate process. She obtained her license in 2004, and in 2007 she and her business partner started their first firm, The Realty Group. Fast forward to 2012, they launched the area’s first Keller Williams Franchise in Lynchburg Virginia, where Teresa currently has two full-service real estate teams—one serving Lynchburg and surrounding areas, and another team at her Smith Mountain Lake office, with a total of 18 team agents and three administrative assistants. Teresa’s team serves the areas of Forest, Lynchburg, Bedford County, Amherst County, Campbell County Smith Mountain Lake, Roanoke, and Daleville.  Her Keller Williams Franchise has a total of 110 agents and continues to grow.

Her years of experience have helped Teresa generate a strong network of customers, which is why approximately 40% of her business consists of repeat and referral clients. And it’s also Teresa’s considerate and attentive approach that turns her clients into long-term friends. “When you’re in real estate, you have to lead with your heart. And if you care about your clients like you would for your own family and friends, they’re going to come back to you. If someone purchases or sells a home with me and needs my help, a vendor recommendation, or just someone to listen, I’m always there for them. Teresa believes in keeping client relationships even after closing. Past clients receive her personalized print magazine every other month with new recipes, interior design ideas, and kids craft ideas to help them continue to enjoy their new home and family.

Teresa uses a mixed marketing strategy made up of her 18,000+ database of past clients and website visitors, targeted Facebook ads, social media posts, billboards, and occasional print advertising and flyers to give her listings the best possible exposure. And she chooses to work tirelessly in order to provide her clients with the best service. “I truly love what I do. For me, it’s my passion, not a job. One of the benefits of what I do is getting to meet new people, even when I meet someone and they’re not ready to buy just yet. I’ve had clients whom I’ve worked with for years until they finally decided to relocate. I think that type of dedication is why my clients are loyal to me and why we become friends. Everyone I meet is a special gift to me, and it’s my responsibility to give some of that back to them.”

Teresa’s accomplishments in real estate have led her to receive multiple awards for her outstanding service. In 2020, Keller Williams was named Top Ranked Brokerage, meaning Keller Williams ranked in the top 1/2 of 1% of all brokerage firms in America. She is named a Keller Williams Luxury Realtor for consistently selling homes over $500,000, and she is distinguished as a Keller Williams Top 100 Region Producer. While these accomplishments are great, the best thing about Teresa according to her employees is her humility and kindness. She is impossible not to love and truly connects with each individual as she is approachable and is never one to brag about all she has done. She relates in some way to all of the clients she serves because she never considers herself above them.

Teresa’s favorite aspect of real estate is house-hunting. She loves finding out exactly what her buyers are looking for, and even helping them to discover what exactly they want. She has a feeling people would be surprised if they saw just how many houses and styles Lynchburg and the surrounding areas have to offer. The joy on her clients’ faces as they buy a new home, or their sigh of relief when they sell their home, is the reason she maintains her passion. Her career is never boring as each new day brings endless possibilities of new clients, discovering new homes, and assisting new people. The unique aspect of real estate is the ability to help others through some of the best and worst times of someone’s life. It takes a dynamic personality to understand both sides of the spectrum, and Teresa’s years of experience and empathy qualify her.

Outside of her passion for work, Teresa is also dedicated to her community. She gives a percentage of everything she earns to Rush Homes, a local organization that houses handicapped adults. She also participates with KID-FIT, an organization for sports and tutoring for kids, as well as her new passion for a program called YES, Young Entrepreneurial Spirits Program, which focuses on mentoring and teaching children, teens, and young adults how to become their own business owner. Because of this dedication, sellers and buyers who work with Teresa and her team not only benefit themselves through buying or selling but also help their community continue to thrive.

Additionally, Teresa loves to support small businesses and our community by blessing others through various giveaways, sponsorships, and events. At the end of the day, she knows it’s not just about real estate and commissions, but about investing in people. Every year for Halloween, the Keller Williams office holds a free Trunk-or-Treat event for families and kids to come dressed in their best costume and pick free candy. Last Fall, she held a pet adoption event at the office where she sponsored ten cat and dog adoptions to whoever came to the event and fell in love with a fur baby. This past winter, she raffled away four-season family passes to Lynchburg’s newest aquarium, Seaquest. Most recently, Teresa has sponsored E.C. Glass High School sports by purchasing t-shirts for their sports games, rallies, and school events. The public can stay up to date on participating in these giveaways and sponsorship events by following realtygroup.kw on Instagram, and Teresa’s business page on Facebook at Teresa Grant, Keller Williams The Realty Group Team.

When Teresa isn’t working or spending time in the community, she loves being on the water or relaxing in her backyard with a good book while surrounded by nature. She has a beautiful family that she cherishes and blesses through her business. Most recently, she used her skills to purchase a home for her youngest son who decided to move back to Lynchburg after a few years away at college. While her career keeps her very busy, Teresa’s family always comes first, paralleling Keller Williams’ motto of  “God, Family, Business.” Her family consists of her spouse, two sons, and one daughter, and is her inspiration and motivation to keep pursuing her dream and providing for them. She encourages her team to follow this motto as well.


Her goal for the future of her business is to expand the Keller Williams Franchise by creating additional offices in central Virginia. Her sound piece of advice for young agents is: “Always put your client’s needs first without thinking of the reward and your reward will show up in many unexpected ways.  In addition, don’t be afraid to hire an assistant. Having a great support system allows you to focus on doing what you love and what you do best.”

Teresa’s immediate support system consists of three administrative assistants and four well-seasoned and passionate agents who make up The Realty Group Team in Lynchburg. The team is very close-knit as it is made up of Teresa’s spouse, son, brother, and close friend. They truly are a family, enabling them to work so efficiently to serve others. Teresa’s son Greg has a passion for investment properties and has been mentored by Teresa to carry the legacy of her business. Teresa’s success inspired Greg to get his license last year, and together, the two invest in properties in Downtown Lynchburg, continuing to help their community flourish. In addition to mentoring her son, Teresa has a heart for guiding other young agents as they pursue a career in Real Estate. Throughout all of her success, Teresa remains humble and remembers the days when she first became an agent, seeking someone with experience to help her. Because of this, she makes herself available to aspiring agents. She sponsored the licensing course for her administrative assistants so they too can partake in the process of buying and selling and grow their own careers one day. Leah, one of Teresa’s administrators who will be heading to Law School and is exploring becoming a settlement agent, says: “Teresa is one of the most generous people I know. She takes care of her clients and employees in multiple ways that go above and beyond. She’s truly not about the money, but about people. I will always remember the example she has set in how to use the gift of wealth to bless others, including myself.” Teresa truly is a top agent and would love to meet you and take you on the real estate adventure.

To learn more about Teresa Grant and The Realty Group Team email tbgrant.kw@gmail.com,

visit www.therealtygrouponline.com, or call (434) 546 – 3202.