Is It a Good Time to Buy in Bedford County with the Real Estate Market Cooling Down?

The real estate market is finally showing signs of cooling down after over a year of inflated home prices. If you’re ready to buy your forever home in Bedford County, VA, you may wonder if the right time is finally here. Supply and Demand In the housing market always important to look at supply.

Teresa Grant - September 21

Is Smith Mountain Lake a Good Real Estate Investment?

Have you been looking for a good real estate investment? If you have, then you might want to look into Smith Mountain Lake, as it has some nice benefits and features. Over the past several years, this area has started to become one of the most popular spots in the state of Virginia for residents.

Teresa Grant - September 2

Labor Day Events in Bedford County and Smith Mountain Lake

Are you a resident of Smith Mountain Lake or elsewhere in Bedford County, VA? Are you looking for some things that can help you to stay occupied and have some fun this Labor Day? You will find that there are some events in the area, and some of them might appeal to you and your

Teresa Grant - August 25

Why Staging Your Home When Selling Can Help

Whether you are in a buyer’s or seller’s market, you want to make sure you stage the home if you are going to sell. Even when you have a lot of potential buyers competing for a property, staging has the potential to make a difference. Why is staging your home so important and worth the

Teresa Grant - August 18

Is Bedford County a Buyer or Seller Market?

One of the common questions people ask when they are going to buy or sell a home is whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market. Currently, the conditions found in Bedford County Real Estate market make it a buyer’s market. What Does a Buyer’s Market Mean? For those who may not know, this

Teresa Grant - August 11

What to Know About Vista Pointe at Smith Mountain Lake

When you’re looking for luxury near Smith Mountain Lake, you can’t do better than settling in at Vista Pointe. What sets this location apart from others is the exclusivity it offers. It’s a location where you can enjoy privacy without needing to sacrifice amenities or excellent views. The

Teresa Grant - August 5

Selling Your Home? Here’s a Checklist to Help!

Selling a home takes a great deal of planning and foresight. You want to do things right since homes are a huge asset. If you’re in the process of selling your home or even thinking about the process, the checklist below will help. Six Months Prior to a Sale When selling is on the brain

Teresa Grant - July 26

The Latest Trends in the Luxury Real Estate Market for 2022

Determining the latest luxury real estate trends can be challenging since factors change based on the market. However, the luxury market usually makes up 5% to 10% of the listings for a location. The top properties can start being listed at around $1 million but reach into the multiple millions

Teresa Grant - July 18

Ready to Find a Place to Retire? Consider Smith Mountain Lake and the Surrounding Area

Have you been looking at places around the country to retire? Don’t just take the tired old retirement route of heading to Florida or Arizona. There’s a lot more to offer in places like Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. Located in the area around Roanoke, you will find that there is truly plenty

Teresa Grant - June 28

Bedford County Real Estate Market Report

Have you been considering buying property in Bedford County, VA? Perhaps you are a homeowner who would like to sell a home somewhere in the county. Before you get started, let’s first look at information about the current state of the market in the county. This includes information from May, the

Teresa Grant - June 22

Mortgage Interest Rates – Where Are They Now and Where Are They Predicted to Go?

What’s happening with mortgage interest rates currently? The cost of lending is currently going up with rising mortgage rates. This is going to end up affecting both homeowners and borrowers. As of June 2022, the mortgage rates are two points higher than what they were at the beginning of the

Teresa Grant - June 16

New Construction Homes in Huddleston, VA

There is nothing like the luxury of a new construction home. A new construction home offers a clean slate for you and your family to grow. With new construction, you can often customize your finishes and interiors to make the home uniquely yours. The Realty Group Team’s Website Offers The

Teresa Grant - June 3

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