How We Work With Buyers

Discover the difference when you work with a Teresa Grant and The Realty Group Team!  Our promise is to give you our undivided attention and to help you find the home that fits you at a price that fits you.  We will guide you all the way and make the process seamless.

The Realty Group Team

Step 1

Getting to Know You

The Realty Group agent you work with will spend time with you to discover what you are looking for in a home and help you define your goals and options. From the information gained through this meeting, your agent will start the next step.

Step 2

Search for Homes
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In addition, your personal buyer’s agent will conduct a thorough search of homes available in the geographic area you are interested in, type of home that fits your family’s needs within your desired price point. Then they will present you with options and start the fun of finding your perfect home! 

Keller Williams Real Estate Search
Make an offer and negotiate

Step 3

Make an Offer and Negotiate

The years of experience in the real estate market and the tools at hand to evaluate the current pulse of current trends and will help your agent prepare a fare offer to the seller. They will negotiate and communicate with the seller’s agent for you and make this an easy process. Once there is an offer approved, we begin the next step.

Step 4

Inspections, Title Search, Insurance and Financing

This is an important step for the buyer and we will walk you through getting the proper inspections done, completing a title search and help you with any questions on securing insurance and financing for your new home. After that all is left is the closing!

Inspections, Title Search, Insurance and Financing

Step 5

Close the Deal

There will be a final walk through of the property set up by your agent prior to setting a closing date. On the closing date, you, your attorney and your agent will go to the lender’s lawyer’s office to verify and sign all the paper work required to complete the transaction with the seller and their lawyer. Your agent will prepare you for all the paper work that will be needed and funds that will be needed. Once this is done, all that is left is to hand over the keys to your new home!

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