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Realtor serving Smith Mountain Lake and Greater Roanoke

Office: (540) 321-8849

14662 Moneta Road
Moneta, VA 24121

I have relocated over 20 times and have participated in the design and building of 5 personal homes.  I am no stranger to the moving and building process and the many ins and outs throughout a home search.  I have been fortunate to have lived on or close enough to enjoy Claytor Lake, Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Lake Amistad, Lake Murray, Lake Erie, and Lake Michigan. “Everywhere I’ve lived has wonderful offerings, but, in my experience and opinion, Smith Mountain Lake and the surrounding area is the best – by far.”

I joined Keller Williams because my research indicated that they’re certainly one of the best. I then joined Teresa Grant’s “The Realty Group Team” because I have no desire to waste time reinventing a perfectly good wheel. The time savings involved in working with a great company and a great team allows me to focus on you, my client. I want to work with the best and I want this for you as a buyer or seller.

Regardless of where you are in your property ownership journey – looking for your first home, relocating to the lake, moving up, downsizing, purchasing an investment or vacation property at Smith Mountain Lake or one of the beautiful surrounding areas – I’d love to help you chase your “wild hare” and find your own “place of peace” as my husband, Don, and I have.

I’m in hopes we’ll meet. I’m an incredibly dedicated worker and I listen well. I’ll use all our exceptional resources to work with you and help you find what you’re looking for. Maybe even what you don’t know you’re looking for… just yet. LET’S DO THIS!!

If you’d like to know more about me and why I chose “wildhare61” as my logo, please read on:

I’m originally from Pulaski, Virginia. I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in International Business and Government (go figure). However, I’m a license plate-bearing, season football ticket-holding, dyed in the wool, Virginia Tech Hokie who will cheer for the UVA Cavaliers, when we aren’t playing each other. I married into an entire family of Mountaineers – 8 of them. Sigh.

I have over 40 years of management experience.  With the majority of it in operations management supply chain, logistics and transportation, and hazardous waste operations. Throughout my career, I found a great deal of satisfaction in helping others find a career path and develop their own skillset.  Things they may not have known they were capable of doing. It sounds cliché but I really do love helping people.  On a different note – I also thoroughly enjoy weddings, parties, and vacation planning and having parties at our home. So much fun!

My dearest friend and wonderful husband, Don (one of those Mountaineers I mentioned), and I have 3 fluff ball dogs for a combined weight of about 40 pounds. I’ve always loved animals. Living in Del Rio, Texas, I developed an affinity for one of my favorite non-house pets the wild hare. They’re amazing animals and come in several varieties. Have you ever seen a Snowshoe Hare in its winter coat? Neither have I. But I’ve seen pictures. Absolutely adorable! It’s cool to me that hares are the only ones in their animal family that will stand their ground. Being a woman in Supply Chain Operations and Hazardous Waste, I’ve learned a bit about standing ground. So, I love that about them too.

Eleven years ago, after living in Lynchburg for 10 years, my husband and I got “wild hair” and decided to move to Moneta and build a house in one of Smith Mountain Lake’s lovely little coves. BEST DECISION EVER! We found what I like to call our “Place of Peace”. There’s a feeling of relief and calm as soon as we turn onto our road. I can easily re-live the feeling I had while living in Richmond for several years and being home only on the weekends. Driving down 460 I’d see Sharp Top Mountain, Flat Top Mountain, and Harkening Hill appear out of nowhere.  “Aaaah “my” Peaks of Otter.  Then that final wonderful sigh of relief and feeling of calm as I pulled into our subdivision and down our driveway. Best subdivision ever!

At 61 I got another “wild hair” and decided to retire and work in real estate and do what I believe I’m meant to do until I can no longer “do”. To use what I’ve learned through my work experience and all those moves to help others find their own “place of peace”.

My age at the time I obtained my license, these two considerable “wild hairs” and my fondness for “hares” explain my email address and personal logo. (Many thanks to “my” artist, Vicki Davidson of North Yorkshire England. vickidavidson.com – check her out. She’s remarkable.)

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