Should I Fix It or Leave It Before Selling My Home?

Many homeowners often wonder what is acceptable to fix before placing their home on the market. There are a few factors to consider before making repairs to their home. Homeowners should consider the housing market and their surrounding area before selling their home “as is”. “As Is” would be no repairs or improvements done by the homeowners to sell their homes. A professional real estate agent will be a great asset to help a homeowner decide on what repairs are required. What a homeowner should keep in mind is whether or not a repair would add value to their home.

Where to Start?

First, homeowners should choose to sell their home “as is” or to repair their home. Homeowners should consult with a professional real estate agent before listing their home “as is”. A real estate agent has experience in what repairs will be beneficial for homeowners and can consult with homeowners. If the homeowners decide to repair their home, they need to prioritize the list of repairs. Depending on the homeowner’s budget and how quickly they want to sell their home could determine what items from the list get fixed. The repairs done to their home need to add value to the home. This will be to the homeowner’s advantage if the improvements are chosen wisely.

Minor or Major Repairs

Minor repairs are simple repairs a homeowner can complete themselves that save money and still add value to their homes. Some minor repairs would be:

  • Patching holes and cracks in the walls or ceiling
  • A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color
  • Tighten or replace wobbly knobs, handles, or rails
  • Replace outdated fixtures
  • Updating front door

Some major repairs would be:

  • New flooring
  • New windows/doors
  • Repaired or new appliances
  • New roof
  • Getting electrical up to code
  • Repaired or new HVAC
  • Fixing leaking pipes

Other improvements that will attract buyers would be simple landscaping. Having curb appeal will draw in potential buyers. Homeowners should consider finishing the basement or attic as usable space. While finishing a “bonus” space could be costly, it is an effective way to maximize a homeowner’s investment.

What Buyers Want

Homeowners should consider their potential buyers. Most potential buyers want the basics of a home to function without disruption. A professional real estate agent keeps up to date with trends of potential buyers. Professional real estate agents are essential in connecting the demands of buyers and the possessions of sellers.

What homeowners should repair are any items that would be a red flag to potential buyers. Homeowners should invest in their repairs wisely to maximize profit.

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