Community Areas Near Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake is a large reservoir created in 1963. Smith Mountain Lake (SML) is located in between Roanoke and Lynchburg, Virginia. Over the decades, Smith Mountain Lake has flourished with amenities, communities, and government park facilities. This “Jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains” offers homeowners many options for recreation in their free time. Depending on the needs of homeowners, real estate is easily found on the 500-mile shoreline of SML.


Non-exclusive communities are ordinary communities within the small towns and surrounding area of Smith Mountain Lake. Non-exclusive communities usually don’t have monthly fees billed to their residents. Likewise, they don’t have special amenities for the residents to use. While this may seem to be a disadvantage, there are many public and state recreation options available in the SML area.


Exclusive communities focus on weaving a tight-knit group of individuals who share common interests. Exclusive communities are often gated and offer special amenities for their members for a monthly fee. Below are a few of the exclusive communities near SML.

The Coves is an exclusive and luxury community with one common aspect: oneness with nature. The Coves boasts environmentally-conscious homes paired with the tech-savviness needed in the modern world and offers many amenities for homeowners who want privacy within their community.

The Farm is another exclusive, luxury, and green-mind community. Specially crafted homes share a variety of amenities like a shared boat launch, pool, and boat storage area.

The Waterfront boasts over 750 acres of land including a George-Dillion designed PGA professional golf course. Buyers can choose from condominiums, townhouses, or custom-built single-family homes. While exclusive, the Waterfront is family-friendly with many amenities.

Mariner’s Landing is located in Huddleston, VA and hosts more than 1,000 acres. Housing available in Mariner’s Landing ranges from condominiums to single-family homes. Many amenities are included with membership, such as an outdoor pool, fitness center, and fishing docks.

Small Town Living

Family-friendly homes are available throughout the SML area. Because of the unique size and shape of SML, many residences are in smaller towns. Smaller towns located near SML offer a slower pace and less congestion. One small town to consider is Moneta, which is just north of SML. Housing ranges from one-bedroom condos to luxurious mansions. Huddleston is another town close to SML that offers many conveniences to every living.

Homeowners have a variety of housing to choose from when it comes to living in Smith Mountain Lake. A homeowner’s preferences and lifestyle are major components to purchasing the perfect home near SML.

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