What Is It Like Living in Forest, VA?

The town of Forest is in Bedford County, Virginia. The population was just over 11,000 people in the 2020 census, making it a quaint small town to live in. Despite its small size, this area has seen major developments over the past decade and is considered a safe and lively suburb of Lynchburg.

Pros of Living in Forest, VA

Forest, VA is a great place for families looking to settle somewhere, or those looking to live on their own in a quiet and attractive region of Virginia.

Family Friendliness

In 2020, 3,172 households were identified in Forest, VA. Of these households, 35.8% were families with children under the age of 18. Families come to Forest to raise their kids in a safe and peaceful town.

The public schools are rated very highly in Forest, VA. When it comes to crime levels, crime reported in Forest, VA is incredibly low. Forest has the lowest crime rates out of the surrounding small towns and cities. It is far below the national average for all types of crime.


Forest, VA is very affordable. The median rent for an apartment is $909 per month, much below the national average of $1,096 per month. People looking to buy will be pleased, too. The median home price in Forest is $248,000, right around the national median average.


Forest is generally quiet. However, there are activities to embark on throughout Forest. Forest is home to several antique shops and artisan breweries. It is also home to multiple gold clubs for the golfing enthusiast! You’ll find Forest’s eclectic group of shops, dining, and recreation to be charming.


Climate is always important when choosing where to live. Forest follows a typically northeastern weather pattern. Temperatures begin to rise in March through April and remain warm, within 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit through September.

In October, temperatures begin to dip into the 65 to 70-degree range. From December through March, freezing temperatures will be experienced. The average high in January is 46 degrees, and the average low is 27 degrees.

You can expect occasional snow throughout the winter in Forest. This area averages 11 days of snow per year, falling most heavily in January and February.


Forest, Virginia, is a quaint and idyllic small town to kick back and soak in life. It has great schools, a low crime rate, relatively affordable housing, and cyclical weather, allowing you to experience all four seasons.

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