Bedford County, VA Luxury Real Estate Market

In the real estate market, you sometimes hear the words “luxury home” batted around like everyone should be 100% sure of the meaning. Honestly, it’s not really hard to understand the concept of a luxury home, but the point is that it might not mean the same things to everyone. For example, one person might consider high-end appliances all that is needed to bestow the title of luxury on the property. So, before we look at the luxury home market in Bedford County, VA, let’s look at what the real estate industry means when they say “luxury home.”

What Makes A Home A Luxury Home?

A luxury home is typically more prominent than other homes in the area. They occupy the best locations and are built with top-of-the-line materials. They have amenities you don’t find in every house in the neighborhood, and the architecture is exquisite.

When you think luxury home, think about the most spectacular home in your city. It’s the one that you wonder if someone famous lives there when you see it. It’s usually pricier than other homes in the area—millions instead of thousands to buy it. Think of features you don’t usually find in a private home-like an indoor pool, spas, tennis courts, or maybe a complete home theater.

Luxury Homes in Bedford County, VA

When you think of luxury properties in Bedford County, VA, think of the Smith Mountain Lake area. A home in that area is currently listed near $8 million and features 13,250 square feet of living space.

Large properties in well-planned communities with extraordinary amenities such as golf courses, country clubs, and stables can be considered luxury properties. Considering that many first-time homes are less than a tenth of the size of that $8 million property we mentioned, it’s easy to see the luxury in that space.

The Takeaway

When you think of almost everything you’ve ever imagined having within the walls of your home, you’ve imagined a luxury space. A luxury home is a grand home with beautiful architecture and amazing amenities. They are found in the best neighborhoods, and the price reflects those things.

Luxury homes are often in neighborhoods with community amenities that make you think of a resort space. Golf courses, country clubs, stables, lake access, or views that people of the area covet. These are some of the amenities that a luxury home community might have.

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