10 Reasons to Choose a Real Estate Agent Over FSBO

Although you might not think it will be difficult to sell a home on your own, it takes a lot more work than you might realize. If you aren’t careful, it could end up costing you time and money, which could make selling your property more difficult than it should be. Instead, you should choose a real estate agent. Below are 10 of the best reasons to work with a real estate agent over for sale by owner options.

Real Estate Professionals Have Expertise

You probably haven’t sold a home on your own before, which means you aren’t an expert in how to do it and get the best deal. For real estate agents, this is their entire career. They know and understand all that needs to be done from start to finish.

Old Marketing Methods Alone Don’t Work

The old marketing methods for houses aren’t going to work on their own. Telling your friends about selling the home and putting up some signs on the lawn won’t cut it. The agents know how to market in today’s world to help your property get the attention it deserves.

You Don’t Know Now to Price the Home Properly

Often, sellers use emotion and attachment to price their property. They ask more for the property than it is worth, which will not get attention from buyers. Agents know the market and how to determine the market value of your property.

Selling On Your Own Is Dangerous

The world is full of scammers that might try to deceive you. Working with an agent can help to reduce your risk from people who would try to take advantage or harm you.

Real Estate Agents Have Better Access

Agents have access to list your home on more sites, which gives it more exposure. This can put the property in front of more potential buyers than you could find on your own.

Management of the Listing

You probably have other things that you would like to do rather than manage your home listing. Let the agent handle manage and update the listing, put information on new sites, handle interested parties, etc.

Real Estate Agents Take Care of Showings

Along the same lines, you don’t have the time to show multiple people your properties all the time. An agent can take care of the showings for you.

Agents Handle Negotiations

Your agent can also help with the negotiations when people are interested in a property. They have experience with negotiations to help ensure you get a good deal.

Let the Agents Deal with the Paperwork

You don’t want to deal with the mountain of paperwork that comes with the sale of a property. You just want to sign where you need to sign. Let the professionals handle the paperwork.

The For Sale by Owner Market Share Is Dropping

You will also find that the market share for FSBO is not what it once was. It’s harder to get these sales today.

These are just some of the reasons you will want to choose a real estate agent over FSBO. It’s time to find and start working with a professional.

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