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Making connections that bring you home

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Every day at realtor.com, we help people get connected to real estate professionals and information they need to aid them in their home-buying journey. And when those connections lead to a home shopper becoming a homeowner, we celebrate that.

Robert Sellers had always wanted to live in South Beach, a Miami neighborhood known for its art deco architecture and umbrella-lined beaches. While on vacation there, Robert found a home he was interested in and reached out to us.

That’s where realtor.com Consumer Experience Specialist Brandon Coleman came in to help. After Robert inquired about the home he saw on realtor.com, Brandon called him, and the first thing he asked Robert was if he had an agent helping him in his search. When Robert told Brandon that he didn’t, Brandon’s focus was on finding the right one for him. Brandon says, “When speaking with Robert, I listened to the criteria of his property search and learned exactly what he was looking for.”

After discussing Robert’s timeline and budget, Brandon introduced him to Hayley Wilson, an agent with experience in South Beach where Robert was looking to buy, who knows the market well and could accommodate Robert’s timeline. 

Robert is now a homeowner and has made his dream of living in South Beach a reality. “It’s not that often that you can meet someone and do business with them and become friends…I couldn’t have asked for anything better,” he says.

As a customer experience specialist, Brandon speaks to dozens of consumers each week, and through the connections he makes to local real estate professionals, he plays a role in helping people achieve their dream of buying a home. 

“Purchasing a home is a very complicated process that can be very stressful,” he says. It’s a great feeling knowing we are here to assist and hold a consumer’s hand throughout the process. The best part of working for realtor.com is the satisfaction that comes along with knowing I’m helping people all over the country in their journey to purchase their dream home!”

At realtor.com, we want to make buying, selling, and living in homes easier and more rewarding for everyone, and we couldn’t do it without our employees like Brandon.

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