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Living area integrated into living space- Interior design trend 2020/2021

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Image credit: Milieu Property

Another long lasting trend in modern home design is the integrated living space: kitchen and sitting area- which will allow people to prepare food while socializing.  An open floor plan of kitchen, dining and living zones has always been a "must"  when Socializing while cooking.  Having an open display of the kitchen and living area also may be helpful for young  families that need to watch out for their kids while preparing food.


The new search for healthier and more dynamic lifestyle form healthy food consummation to mobility during office hours, that is another significant trend of the feature, it also makes the employers and office designers to integrate fitness items into the traditional work environment.


Bedrooms are a perfect space to add some luxury and decadent glamour -velvet, sparkling metal details, marble and other luxurious materials are very popular in the bedrooms design. If you like the oblong shapes, bright colors and disco sparkle of the 70’s and 80’s don't hesitate to introduce them into the living rooms design. The heavy textile, draperies, velvet textures and canopy beds have their Renaissance in the bedrooms’ settings of the future.

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