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Living Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2020

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Check out this living kitchen design trend for 2020/2021. Image credit to Truly Truly 


The project by Studio Truly Truly is composed by open hub-like construction of “living kitchen” designated by bright yellow, metro tiles surfaces and columns, surrounding the stainless-steel volumes. This stylish home hart is arranged in the middle of a practical sequence of living premises: comfy sitting zone, cheerful dining area and modern-minimalism for working office space. Trendy design furniture elements compose the fittings in the working zone by Grohe, the freestanding kitchen by Alpes Inox and the agile transforming kitchen table that also becomes counter or a bench according to the need of the inhabitants.


Hide it if you can. In this exhibition project for Living Kitchen we can observe two important tendencies of modern home design: first – most definitely the kitchen becomes the center of the home; situated midst open social areas – because modern people like to combine the preparation and consumption of food with social and family-time activities. And second: the agile, movable and tidy furniture elements become essential for kitchen areas. If you can use sliding doors, hidden movable constructs to achieve a tidy and clear-lined kitchen design, why not?


Here we have one magnificent example of the second trend – functional, linear storage construct that provides many uses, including general storage, a TV cabinet, and a custom-designed kitchen all of which can be concealed behind two sliding panels.

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