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A Little Plan with a Command Center

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It's the New Year still and it's never too late to make a plan!  Let's take the first step to getting a little organization into our lives and put together a fully functional command center. 

Here are some ideas for items to add to create a command center to fit your family's needs:

1. Hang individually labeled baskets, containers, or folders that each family member can place ALL important papers that come home. 

2. A personalized month or 2 month calendar that is easily labeled so everyone can see what is going on and when. 

3. Corkboards so you can pin up things like invitations, cards, or announcements that need to be seen

4. White board to add any extra notes , "To Do's" or grocery lists  that don't want to be lost in conversation (Don't forget to provide an easily accessible place for dry erase markers!)

5. A wall clock to keep timeliness in case there is no other place that has one!

6. A menu for the week in case you are a fan of meal planning.

7. Your chore (and reward) chart so there is a central place for everyone to see what jobs are left to do (and what incentives there are)

Don't forget to create this command center to fit YOUR family.  There are many printable charts online that you can add to your wall for extra personalization.  

Tackle the new year with a plan!



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